1120 Creative House


In 2015, Spaceworks had taken on its largest project to date, two thirds of an entire building in downtown Tacoma located at 1120 Pacific Avenue. The open architecture of this 1970’s-modernist office space provides an oddly complimentary setting for the arts in downtown Tacoma.

The 1120 Creative House encompasses the entire 2nd floor. It contains 12 affordable studios, and an 800 sq/ft open shared space for hosting events and activities. The space is operated by Spaceworks Tacoma.

Every Third Thursday, Spaceworks and the tenants of the 1120 Creative House host an event and participate in Tacoma Art Walk, offering art, music, performance for the community. We invite everyone to make it one of their Art Walk stops!

Follow the 1120 Creative House Facebook page for up to date event information.

1120 Creative House tenants:

Studio Availability

Are you looking for space and want to be a part of the 1120 Creative House? Contact Spaceworks Manager, Heather Joy by phone 253.682.1722 or email heatherj@tacomachamber.org
All photos by Kris Crews
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