‘fly’ Rises Again

11 Dec

Huladay greetings by Jessica Spring of Springtide Press. Photo courtesy of 'fly.'

fly, Tacoma headquarters for the best in artist-designed products, has reopened in a new location at King’s Books (218 Saint Helens Ave.), just in time for the holidays. And we’re so relieved, because now we can proceed with our strategy of doing all our holiday shopping in one place (we’re not lazy, we just recognize a beautifully edited emporium – one offering high-quality, unique and reasonably priced items – when we see one).

fly moved out of its original location on Broadway several weeks ago, after a fire at the next-door Subway caused smoke damage. The new location, in the former rare-books room at King’s, is a more fortuitous fit for the artists’ showcase. The room is a fraction of the size of the old space, and offers a more focused setting for the original designs on display. fly features some of the finest letterpress art in town, and we can’t think of a more apt place for it to be shown, than next to the tomes at King’s (which is under new ownership – congratulations, Sweet Pea Flaherty).

'fly' owner Jennifer Adams cradles a wiener dog by artist Mirka Hokkanen

For those lucky dogs who are shopping for the 12 days of Christmas, or some variation thereof, fly proprietor Jennifer Adams offers mind-boggling choices, including Tacoma is for Lovers hoodies, felted acorns by Miranda Pollitz, glass baby heads by Oliver Doriss, stylish togs for the under-5 set by Lindsey Barnes, block-printed napkins and dishtowels by cabinet 713 (Jessica Bender), and jewelry by Wendy Gordon and Connie DeBruler. You’ll find letterpress art including feminist postcards by Jessica Spring (Springtide Press), prints and coasters by uncommon envelope and black dog designs, screen prints by Slide Sideways, and many more items sure to delight. Take a peek at flytacomafly.blogspot.com. fly, at King’s Books, 218 St. Helens Ave.

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    […] Jennifer Adams is an artist and the founder of the beloved renegade boutique, fly. Her six-month creative residency hit major snags, including a forced move due to a fire at the next-door sandwich chain, but she retains her enthusiasm for showcasing and selling product and design by local artists. fly, now ensconced at King’s Books, will be closing (or rather, “hibernating”) January 31, but Adams hopes to reopen in the fall, possibly as a pop-up store. Until then, she’ll be busy with teaching engagements at the Museum of Glass, School of the Arts, and Metro Parks. […]

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    […] the ongoing, indie craft fair, Tacoma is for Lovers. In 2010, she designed the Spaceworks pop shop, fly, where she rocked the hip-and-homespun product lines of Tacoma artists. She has been a visiting […]

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