Spaceworks Tacoma is in!

20 Aug

We’re making headlines as Spaceworks’ success gains momentum – and now the story has been picked up by Bloomberg Businessweek online! After debuting new projects in the Spaceworks program in Tacoma, three participants – Fab 5, Nate Dybevik Piano Company and the Modern Cottage – have entered into tenant leases, and a fourth, Live Paint, is on its way next month. Spaceworks Tacoma launched in 2010 as an initiative to fill vacant retail space with temporary art installations, performance space and fledgling businesses. The goal: to give artists cost-free space for three to six months; to provide landlords with tenants who would energize their properties, making them more inviting, safe and attractive to potential renters; and to help folks with entrepreneurial ideas incubate them into rent-paying, self-sustaining businesses. In this challenging economy, the Spaceworks program, participating property managers, and of course, all the amazing artists who put their art on public display, make this a success story to be proud of!

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