Help Welcome 2018 By Volunteering for First Night

12 Dec
First Night_2014_10.JPG

Fur and wig-clad First Night revelers strike a pose in front of glowing Artscape by Barbara De Pirro on Commerce St. and 11th. (2014)

First Night is Tacoma’s New Year’s Eve festival, an all-ages family-friendly celebration held in Downtown Tacoma’s Theater District. The affordable admission price ($10-$15) includes access to museums, music, art, drama, dance and a whole day and night of activities. 

To make this event possible and successful, help is needed by generous volunteers.  As a volunteer you receive a free button to access the Tacoma Art Museum, Glass Museum, Children’s Museum, and all events on First Night!

If you are interested in helping with the event
please click on this link to fill out a short form

Volunteer Roles available

  • Morning Set Up
  • Will Call‎
  • Button Checkers
  • Puppeteers
  • Artist Check-In‎
  • Volunteer Check-In
  • ‎Iditarace‎ (Dog Race)
  • Stage Management
  • ‎Following Morning Take-Down‎

Benefits of Volunteering?

  • Free access to all events on December 31st for yourself AND your family
  • Free Parking in Downtown Tacoma!
  • Meet other like-minded, active people in your community
  • VIP access to the Green Room for people volunteering day of
  • Celebrate at our fantastic Volunteer Only Party in the Spring!

Consider being a part of First Night Tacoma to experience a New Year’s Eve like never before! Last but not least, check out the line up of performers below!

first night 2018 Performers.jpg

first night tacoma image.jpg


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