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Spaceworks is not currently accepting Artscapes applications. The full application guidelines and checklist are listed below for your reference. To learn about upcoming Artscapes opportunities, follow the Spaceworks blog, or sign up for our monthly newsletter

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Spaceworks Tacoma is seeking artists and artist teams from the Pacific Northwest who:
– Can develop a site responsive, temporary, public art display.
– Can successfully and fully activate a public space that is visible 24/7.
– Is an experienced artist seeking a unique location to exhibit artwork.
– Can create an enticing destination-quality visual display for passersby.

Artscapes temporarily places 2D, 3-dimensional, mural, or multi-media art installations in storefront windows, outdoor spaces, and an outdoor video gallery in the city of Tacoma. The program offers an artist stipend to support the creation of new work and site-specific projects, or the installation of existing work. Since launching in 2010, Spaceworks has commissioned over 140 art installations. Click here to view the current Artscapes on display.

– Any individual artist or artist team in the Pacific Northwest (US & Canada) may apply.
– Must have not been accepted to the Artscapes program in 2016. 

Applications are reviewed by a panel of artists, arts professionals, members of the Spaceworks Steering Committee, representatives of neighborhood groups, and/or commercial property owners. Spaceworks staff will lead the panel, but do not vote in the selection process.

The selection panelists are asked to base their decisions using the following criteria:
– Overall aesthetic quality of art submitted in work samples.
– Ingenuity in concept of art submitted in work samples.
– Ability to create work that would engage passers-by.
– Ability to implement unique display methods of art.

Phase One
– Submit application.
– Applications are reviewed by the selection panel.
– Applicants notified of results in early July 2017. Selected artists move on to phase two.

Phase Two
– Artists work with Spaceworks staff to identify a space and schedule of their display.
– Artists are asked to submit a brief proposal for a specific project, in a specific space. The proposal will then be reviewed by Spaceworks staff.
– Once the proposal is approved, artist moves to phase three.

Phase Three
– Artist receives contract, and begins installation on assigned date.
– Artist provides ongoing maintenance as needed during the duration of the display.
– Artist completes de-installation on assigned date.

– Enter into an agreement with Spaceworks Tacoma regarding the terms of use.
– Be willing to uninstall the piece earlier than planned or give up the space if the property owner finds a permanent tenant within the negotiated timeframe.
– Install and de-install your own work.
– Understand that they may have limited access to their space, as required for installation and de-installations.
– Partner with Spaceworks Tacoma to market and promote events and activities.
– Comply with all federal, state, and local laws.
– Leave the space in the same or better condition when they move out.
– Understand that initial payment is made within 30 days after installation upon receipt of an invoice, and that payments cannot be made until contracts have been fully processed. A portion of payment is retained until deinstallation is complete.

*Spaces vary in size and amenities. Keep in mind that some spaces can be raw and windows may have active “For Lease” signs, which cannot be moved. Most Artscapes displays are on view 24/7 for at least 3 months, which can be hard on materials, and electronics. Also take into consideration that the display will be seen under very different lighting conditions from night to day.

*Acceptance into the Spaceworks’ Artscapes program is not a guarantee that you will be placed in a space. We can only place as many projects as we have available spaces, and it can be difficult to place all of the projects we would like. Spaceworks reserves the right to pair selected artists with spaces at its discretion.



10 IMAGES demonstrating past work (required)
Artists applying as a team may submit samples of  joint work and/or  individual’s work.
– Image File Formats: JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, or SVG.
– Image Size: 1500 pixels max on longest side. 500 pixels minimum on shortest side.
– Image File Size: max 2 MB each.
– Provide a written description (50 words or less) for each image explaining the necessary details needed to understand what we are looking at. If work is presented as part of a collaboration, explain your role in the larger project.

2 ONLINE VIDEOS demonstrating past work (optional)
– Provide the exact web address(es) where the online videos can be viewed. The panel will view a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 3 minutes of each video.
– Provide a written description (50 words or less) for each video explaining the necessary details needed to understand what we are looking at. If work is presented as part of a collaboration, explain your role in the larger project.

Provide us with a brief artist statement (or artist team statement) to give us a sense of your work. Feel free to describe your work overall, or describe a past project that may be similar to what you would potentially display with Artscapes. Please be as concise as possible. You may answer in narrative, bulleted or other form.
(300 words or less).

RESUME(S) (required)
– If submitting as a team, a current resume should be submitted for the contact person and up to two other relevant team members.
– File Format: PDF
– File Size: max 2 MB each.

WHICH MEDIUM (required)
Please identify which medium you could work in for a potential Artscapes display. Choose from the following list, you may choose more than one.
– 2D
– 3D
– Mural
– Video
– Multi-media

This section is optional. This information allows us to understand who we are reaching, and who we are missing. We have a goal of building programs and services that reflect the diversity of Tacoma. *Fill out this information for the Primary Contact only

This section asks for:
– Birthdate
– Gender
– Income
– Household size
– Race
– Hispanic Ethnicity


To learn about upcoming Artscapes opportunities, follow the Spaceworks blog, or sign up for our monthly newsletter


Gabriel Brown
Spaceworks Arts Programs Coordinator




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