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*The Spaceworks Gallery will be accepting its next round of applications in Fall 2017. The application guidelines and checklist are listed below for your reference. To stay informed on upcoming Spaceworks opportunities sign up for our monthly newsletter, or follow our blog.



Spaceworks Tacoma is accepting applications from Pacific Northwest artists and curators to host an exhibition in the new Spaceworks Gallery. Spaceworks is seeking applications from individuals or teams who:
• Have a proposal for a solo exhibition, or group exhibition.
• Can successfully and fully activate the entire gallery space (~1,000 sq. ft.).
• Is an experienced artist or curator with a developed proposal for an exhibit.
• Can lead the organization, installation, and promotion of an exhibit (with assistance from Spaceworks on each of these steps).

The Spaceworks Gallery provides a space for contemporary artists and curators working in the Pacific Northwest to host feature exhibitions. Activating a longstanding vacant space, the gallery is operated by Spaceworks Tacoma. Always free and open to the public, the space also holds an information desk for people to learn more about Spaceworks Tacoma’s participants, opportunities to get involved, and community events.

Location & Hours:
950 Pacific Ave. (Entrance on 11th St.)
Mon – Fri / 1pm – 5pm
Third Thursday open until 9pm

The Spaceworks gallery sits on the corner of 11th and Commerce in downtown Tacoma with large windows facing both streets. The space is approximately 1,000 square feet, with approximately 150 feet of wall space for hanging art. In addition, there is a separate video room (100 sq. ft.) equipped with projector and speakers that serves well for showcasing video work and/or installation. For full details about measurements, lighting, pedestals, vinyl lettering, tech specs, etc. please visit:

Gallery Space & Amenities page

Any individual artist, curator, artist team, or curator team in the Pacific Northwest may apply. Both solo exhibitions and group shows are welcome. Past participants of Spaceworks’ programs may apply.

5 artists/curators/teams will be selected based on the criteria listed below. The review process is competitive and the panel will be looking for a diversity of projects.
• Overall quality of past artwork or past curation shown in work samples.
• Preference may be given to those whom help fulfill Spaceworks’ goal of building programs and services that reflect the diversity of Tacoma.
• Ingenuity and strength of concept of proposed exhibit.
• Feasibility of proposed exhibit.
• Ability of artist/curator/team to execute proposed exhibit.

Applications are reviewed, and voted on by a panel of 5 individuals comprised of two artists, one curator, one arts professional, and one member of the Spaceworks Steering Committee.

1. Submit application by deadline.
2. Applications are voted on by the selection panel.
3. Applicants notified of results.
4. Spaceworks staff works with selected artists/curators/teams to identify exhibit schedule. Each exhibit runs 1.5 months (One week to install, opening reception on Third Thursday Art Walk, closing reception the following Third Thursday Art Walk, one week to de-install).
5. Artist/curator/team receives contract, and begins installation on assigned date.
6. Artist/curator/team assists Spaceworks in organizing and promoting the opening reception during Art Walk on the Third Thursday of the opening month.
7. Artist/curator/team completes de-installation on assigned date.

• Enter into an agreement with Spaceworks Tacoma regarding the terms of use.
• Install and de-install the art work, and display apparatus at their own risk and expense.
• Provide a complete artwork inventory list. Spaceworks will hold insurance for an amount equal to the total retail value of all included artworks.
• Be willing to uninstall the artwork earlier than planned or give up the space if the property owner finds a permanent tenant within the negotiated timeframe.
• Understand that the artwork displayed must be appropriate for the public realm.
• Partner with Spaceworks to promote the exhibit and exhibit events.
• Comply with all federal, state, and local laws.
• Leave the space in the same or better condition.
• Understand that payments cannot be made until contracts have been fully processed.

• Art on display in the gallery may be for sale, or not for sale. This is determined by each artist, curator, or team.
• The Spaceworks Gallery will process all sales made during the exhibit.
• The Spaceworks Gallery will take a 25% commission of all sales made during the exhibit.
• Pricing of the artworks is determined by each artist, curator, or team.



10 IMAGES demonstrating past work (required)
Artists/curators applying as a team who have no examples of joint work in the past should submit images of each individual’s work.
– Image File Formats: JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, or SVG.
– Image Size: 1500 pixels max on longest side. 500 pixels minimum on shortest side.
– Image File Size: max 2 MB each.
– Provide a written description (50 words or less) for each image explaining the necessary details needed to understand what we are looking at. If work is presented as part of a collaboration, explain your role in the larger project.

2 ONLINE VIDEOS demonstrating past work (optional)
– Provide the exact web address(es) where the online videos can be viewed. The panel will view a minimum of 1 minute and a maximum of 3 minutes of each video.
– Provide a written description (50 words or less) for each video explaining the necessary details needed to understand what we are looking at. If work is presented as part of a collaboration, explain your role in the larger project.

Provide us with a written description of your proposed Spaceworks Gallery exhibit (500 words or less). You may explain, but are not limited to the following points:
– Does your exhibit have a title?
– Is it a solo show, group show, curated objects, etc?
– What type, medium, or style of work will be included?
– Is there an overall theme? Are there underlying themes?
– Provide some social, political, or historical context.
– Has this exhibit been previously displayed?
– Is this a brand new exhibit?
– If you propose to curate an exhibit, have you identified the artists? If not, how will you identify the artists?

You may provide two additional attachments related to past work, or exhibit proposal.
– File Formats: JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, SVG, PDF, DOC, DOCX, TXT, or RTF.
– File Size: max 2 MB each.
– Provide a written description (50 words or less) for each supplemental material explaining the necessary details needed to understand what we are looking at. If work is presented as part of a collaboration, explain your role in the larger project.

RESUME(S) (required)
– Submit resume for the primary contact, and up to two other relevant team/group members.
– File Format: PDF
– File Size: max 2 MB each.


Gabriel Brown
Spaceworks Gallery Coordinator

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