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Not Your Average Book Release Shindig!

16 Nov


From the Nearsighted Narwhal:

Thriving & Survivng: Learning to Love the Rain
Book Release Shindig!
Wednesday, November 18, 7pm
The Nearsighted Narwhal
2610 6th Ave, Tacoma, Washington 98406
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Our focus will not only be on the release of a pretty amazing book comprised of over 20 people’s submissions, but also a community building event.

We’re hosting a potluck of the recipes that were featured in the book. We’re having readers that were featured in the book orate their stories and poems. We’re opening this up to the community so that we can mingle, get to know one another, share our experiences, and find our support network through the gray. Community is what we are about at The Narwhal.

The Thriving & Surviving book will be available for purchase at this date. It is NOT a requirement that you buy the book to attend the event.

Reading from the book will be:
– Jennifer Chushcoff
– Nick Stillman
– Titus Burley
– Nicole McCarthy
– and Joshua Swainston

Rainy Day Activity workshops will be offered, all for free.
Specific ones TBA.

Thriving & Surviving is a resource compendium on different ways to deal with the impending rainy season in the PNW. It is filled with advice, stories-both fiction and non-fiction, poetry, art, photography, comfort food recipes, and input from over 25 different PNW local people.

Whether you are a PNW native or have recently moved to the area, or just enjoy reading about the rain, this book will not only entertain you, it has the power to change your perspective about the rain and help you to embrace it instead of hiding out and waiting for the summertime.

Contributors will be able to pick up a free copy of the book on this day.

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The Nearsighted Narwhal, and special reader of the evening Jennifer Chushcoff, are participants of Spaceworks Tacoma.


Another Tacoma Post Office Building ART WALK!

15 Aug


Join us August 21st from 5-9pm for another night of surprise happenings scattered throughout the vast hallways, and beautiful rooms of a historic Tacoma landmark. The Tacoma Post Office Building partners with Spaceworks to host an evening of art exhibits, open studios, short film screenings, plus a Spaceworks happy hour in the new event space Post Hall with DJ Schematik. Buzz has been steadily growing about the creative activation of this building and this event is your chance to explore it first-hand. Continue reading

The Portal Pop-up Gallery

10 Jul
Maureen Andrade

Growing Love, by Maureen Andrade

Third Thursday July 17, 2014, 5-9pm. Tacoma Post Office Building, 1102 A street, Tacoma

This is a one night only event! The pop-up gallery is being organized in conjunction with the two exhibits currently on display at the Tacoma Post Office Building: The hole in your heart is a portal to another dimension by Erin Dengerink and Jennifer Chushcoff’s Invoke the Muse.


Free Jazz, by Edward Trover

Dengerink invited a group of her artist colleagues and collaborators to participate in the pop-up gallery including: Continue reading

Miniatures and Muses at Tacoma Post Office Building

11 Jun
Sculpture by Erin Dengerink. Photo courtesy of the artist

Artwork by Erin Dengerink. Photo courtesy of the artist

In a public radio interview, singer Roseanne Cash talked about inspiration: “You have to show the muse you’re serious. You know, you can’t just expect to be hit by these beautiful bolts of inspiration and lightning. You have to keep showing up even if you don’t get hit for a year, or two years. Just show the muse you’re serious.” It’s non-negotiable for artists – roadblocked or no, one has to show up for work.

Inspiration is the subject of two new exhibits at the historic Tacoma Post Office Building (TPOB): “Invoke the Muse” by Jennifer Chushcoff, and “The Hole in Your Heart is a Portal to Another Dimension” by Erin Dengerink. The first is a photographic tribute to Chushcoff’s real-life muses; the second is a series of sculptures by Dengerink investigating how painful journeys can lead to unexpected joy. These artists will be showcased as Spaceworks Tacoma celebrates the creative activation of the TPOB on Thursday, June 19th from 5-9pm, co-hosted by Artist Trust. With a full menu of performances, open studios and exhibits in the grand building, it will be an evening dedicated to inspiration. Continue reading

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