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2014 Tacoma Arts Month Opening Party & AMOCAT Arts Awards

26 Sep

Presented by the Tacoma Arts Commission and Spaceworks Tacoma


Thursday, October 2, 6-9pm
Tacoma Post Office Building
Awards start 7:45, Post Hall (4th floor)

Get out and have some fun while helping us kick off Tacoma Arts Month in style. Enjoy a stellar line-up of entertainment, art exhibitions, appetizers, dessert, and no-host bar. Help us honor the 2014 AMOCAT Arts Award winners and funding recipients. It’s all free and open to the public – pack up the family, invite your friends and come help us celebrate!  RSVP here, find it on Facebook, or just show on up.


Experience this giant line-up of happening in the newly-renovated Tacoma Post Office Building and help us honor the 2014 AMOCAT Arts Award winners and funding recipients.

The night’s arts and entertainment includes:
• Music by Speed Queen
• Exhibits of work by Jessica Spring and The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation’s Foundation of Art Award honorees
• Pop-up exhibits of work by Beautiful Angle, Isaac Olsen, Alice Di Certo, Kristin Giordano, The C.L.A.W., and Poly Rev
• Okinawa Taiko Drums
• Tintype photo booth by Kyle Dillehay
• Mini-theater performances by Working Class Theater
• Open studios of Abby Kok, Alana Tamminga, and Katlyn Hubner
• Trash Fashion Runway by Tinkertopia and Friends
• Poetry by Tacoma Poet Laureate Lucas Smiraldo
• Screenings of short films by Kat Ogden, Nick Butler, Kris Crews, Kate Walker, and The Grand Cinema

2014 AMOCAT Arts Awards, starts at 7:45 in Post Hall (4th floor):

Arts Patron – ArtsFund
Community Outreach by an Organization – Asia Pacific Cultural Center
Community Outreach by an Individual – Jessica Spring

2014 Tacoma Arts Commission funding recipients:
Arts Anchor Fund
The Grand Cinema, Hilltop Artists, Museum of Glass, Northwest Sinfonietta, Tacoma Art Museum, Tacoma Musical Playhouse, Tacoma Opera, Tacoma Symphony, Tacoma Youth Symphony Association

Arts Projects
Asia Pacific Cultural Center, Children’s Museum of Tacoma, DASH Center for the Arts, Fab-5, Fort Nisqually Foundation, King’s Bookstore, Local Life, Monkeyshines, MLKBallet, Northwest Repertory Singers, Classical Tuesdays in Old Town, Puget Sound Poetry Connection, Second City Chamber Series, Sister City Council of Tacoma, Tacoma Concert Band, Tacoma Maritime Fest, the BareFoot Collective, University of Puget Sound, Washington State Historical Society

Tacoma Artist Initiative Program
Sean Alexander, Carla Barragan, Bill Colby, Alice Di Certo, Kyle Dillehay, David Domkoski, Oliver Doriss, Josie Emmons Turner, Sarah Gilbert, Erin Guinup, Meghan Mitchell, Mark Monlux, Kat Ogden, Scott Scoggin, Erik Steighner, Noah Struthers

Event Sponsors
Click! Cable TV, The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation, Tacoma Weekly, Northwest Public Radio, KPLU, Weekly Volcano, Premier Media Group, Exit133

Questions? Inquiries? 
Call Naomi Strom-Avila 253.591.5191

Conversation Re:Tacoma #2

10 Oct
TONIGHT lecture 2 titled "Wanted: Housing"

TONIGHT lecture 2 titled “Wanted: Housing”

Conversations RE:Tacoma is a lecture series that investigates topics on the creation and understanding of a livable community.  You are invited to these interesting lectures and discussions.   After each event the conversation continues at a nearby pub.  More info at www.retacoma.com

Tonight, Lecture 2.  Wanted: Housing
Thursday Oct 10th 6:30-8:00pm
Attracting Development of Downtown Housing and the Creation of Urban Neighborhoods

Speakers Continue reading

Last Chance to See FILM FORWARD

5 Sep
FILM FORWARD comes to Tacoma Sep. 3-7, 2013

FILM FORWARD comes to Tacoma Sep. 3-7, 2013

There are still opportunities tonight, on Friday, and Saturday to catch some of the incredible films being shown for free throughout Tacoma as part of the Sundance Institute’s international touring program “Film Forward.”  Click here for detailed information on each film, show times, and related events.

Scheduled show times for the remaining films and events: Continue reading

Next Installment of Art + Science Salon

20 Jun


The next rendezvous: Third Thursday June 20, 6-8 pm, Tacoma Art Museum, FREE

This Art+Sci Salon will consider intersections between the arts, ecology, and community.  Add your voice to a panel discussion featuring:

-Amy McBride, Tacoma Art Administrator
-Elizabeth Conner, Artist & Adjunct Instructor at University of Washington Tacoma
-Vaughn Bell, Artist & Adjunct Instructor at University of Washington Tacoma
-Peter Hodum, Biologist & Assistant Professor at University of Puget Sound

Art+Sci is a collaboration between the University of Puget Sound and the Tacoma Art Museum. In keeping with its liberal arts ethos, the University of Puget Sound is creating a new venture to bring scientists, artists, and interdisciplinary thinkers together through conversations and emergent collaborations.  Come, converse, and collaborate!


Toy Boat Theatre Rolls Out Dada for Nada, and the Blues to Boot

4 Nov

Enjoy a bit of unhinged thea-tuh in FREE performances of *WaT is DaDa?: an original Dada Theatre Cabaret, conceived by Neo-Dadaist Marilyn Bennett and University of Puget Sound theatre arts students. The troupe calls this a series of command performances (“We command you to attend!”): Nov. 17-18, 8pm, at Norton Clapp Theatre, Jones Hall, UPS campus; and Nov. 19, 8pm and 10pm, at Toy Boat Theatre, 1314 Martin Luther King Way, in the Hilltop neighborhood. Price per ticket: FREE! It’s nada for Dada (but donations gladly accepted).

“Prepare to be unhinged, overwhelmed, lambasted, just basted, and caramel,” warns the press release. “Dada is a spook, a tomato, a rocking horse, the wet nurse. Nothing is dada, everything is dada.” Presented by the UPS Department of Theatre Arts in conjunction with Spaceworks Tacoma.

On Nov. 7, at 7pm, Toy Boat is presenting a free reading of Stones in my Passway, Tacoma playwright C. Rosalind Bell‘s screenplay about blues guitar legend Robert Johnson. This is a rare opportunity to hear a diverse company of 12 professional and community actors read this rich, textured and cinematic treatment about the too short life of Robert Johnson. In the American South, in the 1930s, this African-American blues artist developed a sound and approach that was to influence the entire genre of rock-and-roll music, before his untimely death at age 27. Johnson lived and played with passion and abandon; Ms. Bell’s screenplay captures his spirit.

For more information on these shows and the UPS students rockin’ the Hilltop, please click www.toyboattheatre.com .

A Rapture of Words

1 Sep

Cache, by Holly Senn

The story behind Holly Senn‘s book-based art (she creates sculpture using discarded library books as raw material) reads like the storyline from an HBO series – you know the ones – super smart, hip and even a bit unlikely. A tall redhead with cropped hair and architectural glasses, Senn works “as a virtual reference librarian at Pacific Lutheran University where, while surrounded by books, I interact with patrons who prefer digital resources.” Unperturbed by the irony of her life in academia, Senn has found a way to take the carapace of words – i.e., the book – and sculpt its pages into fantastic forms that are literally layered with meaning. “I create sculptures and installations in which I explore the life cycle of ideas – the organic, non-linear process in which thoughts have a genesis and then are disseminated, adopted or refuted, forgotten or referenced.” Ok, it’s too rarefied for primetime, but we’d rather check out a Holly Senn opening than catch the heir to The Wire, any time.

For Spaceworks Tacoma, Senn is creating Re-Present, a site-specific installation of sculptures made with a modified version of traditional papier-mâche. “Environments are important to my process; I take inspiration from both my ongoing examination of botanical forms and the location surrounding exhibition spaces.” Re-present will open on Oct. 9 at 908 Broadway, a vintage address with resonance for Senn as it occupies the block which was once the site of Tacoma’s first library. It also faces the historic Pantages Theater. “I went back to the site several times,” she says, “carefully observing the surroundings in search of an inspiration. Finally, I went across the street and really looked closely at the Pantages and noticed the botanical architectural details. In addition, I realized that the color palate of the Pantages is similar to book pages….It seemed to fit with the themes and imagery I work with.” The large window of Senn’s exhibit space is highly reflective and, because it mirrors the Pantages, could create a lively dynamic between the art and its concrete inspiration.

Bur, by Holly Senn

Discarded library books are the primary material for the majority of Senn’s works, which can take 40 to 80 hours for individual sculptures, and upwards of 300 hours for an installation. When one considers the time and intellectual labor that went into the writing of each now-dismantled book, the organic metaphor reaches even deeper: “As I cut, rip, realign and glue, I reflect on each new generation’s collective erasure of some element of its past and its casting of new ideas into the future.” Senn says that it was after she graduated from college that she began studying art: “In an effort to find harmony between my work as a librarian and an artist, I started working with paper about eight years ago.” Many of her sculptures take the form of huge buds, blossoms and pods resembling specimens from some primeval garden, with exquisite skins of words, ready to burst with ideas. We look forward to the next installment in this garden of delights.

Holly Senn’s work will be featured in The Greater Tacoma Community Foundation Art Award Exhibit, 2008 – 2010, Sept. 2 – Oct. 2 at the Kittredge Gallery at the University of Puget Sound. Re-Present, 908 Broadway, Oct. 9, 2010 – Jan. 5, 2011. www.ryksenn.com

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